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  • I don't have an ID, can I still attend Summer of Sound?"
    Yes, Summer of Sound is an all ages event so you will still be granted access to the festival without ID. However, VIP is a restricted 18+ area and without a valid government issued ID, you will not be granted access to the VIP area.
  • Can I leave then come back?
    For the safety of our guests, staff, and the general experience of Summer of Sound, we have a very strict no re-entry policy. If you leave, you will not be allowed to re-enter.
  • When does Summer of Sound start and end?
    Summer of Sound runs from 3 pm until 11 pm.
  • Will set times get posted in advance?
    Yes. During the days leading up to the festival, set times will be posted via this site, our social media sites, and email updates (sign up for emails at the bottom of this page). Note: The lineup is subject to change.
  • Can I bring in a pack of cigarettes?
    You may only bring in a brand new pack of cigarettes, still in the plastic.
  • Are e cigarettes allowed inside the gates?
    Yes, you may bring e cigarettes to Summer of Sound.
  • Where can I purchase a Summer of Sound ticket?
    Tickets are only available via the website.
  • I’m desperate for a ticket – should I buy one from Kijiji (or similar?).
    Absolutely not – it is very likely to be a fake – there is no way to reliably verify that the ticket is genuine, as original purchasers are able to log into their account and change names as they wish. This means someone could in theory sell you a ticket with your name and then change it. Only tickets purchased from our official online sellers or local retaillers directly are valid. If you have bought an invalid ticket, you will not to gain entry.
  • Are there any waterstations at Assiniboia Downs?
    Assiniboia Downs (the venue) only has 1 water fountain available on site. However, there will be multiple locations at Assiniboia Downs with water available for purchase.
  • How much is parking?
    Parking at Assiniboia Downs is available for $10. Please drive responsibly.
  • What Security and Emergency services will be available?
    Your safety and well-being is paramount. The site will be fully staffed by our Ground Control team, as well as medical and security personnel, the entire day.
  • Does the venue have cash machines?
    Yes, ATMs will be available both inside and outside the venue grounds.
  • Can I bring cannabis to Summer of Sound?
    Assiniboia Downs (the venue) does not permit any Cannabis on site. Any cannabis found will be confiscated.
  • Can I bring a hydration pack to the festival with me?
    Yes, (EMPTY) small single compartment hydration packs (maximum 12" x 12") are allowed.
  • Can I bring a snack or food with me to Summer of Sound?
    All outside food, snacks, and drinks are prohibited by Assiniboia Downs, however, there will be plenty of food vendors, snacks, and drinks for you to purchase from once you are inside the gates.
  • How can I volunteer for Summer of Sound?
    We are no longer accepting volunteers for Summer of Sound 2023. If you wish to volunteer for Summer of Sound 2024, please email with the subject line: "Volunteer 2024".
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